Meet Team 13!

Dobmeier/Lunstra Motorsports Driver & Crew

About Mark Dobmeier
Growing up watching his father Mike at the local dirt tracks, Mark Dobmeier has always been around the race tracks. At the age of 6, Mike Dobmeier bought young Mark a go-kart to play around with and at age 8 he could finally race it competitively. Mark raced go-karts until the age of 16 and was very successful at it. He won many races and even won 5 straight track championships. His father was racing sprint cars at the time, but when Mark was a senior in High School, Mike became the National Commander of the non-profit organization called DAV (Disabled American Veterans). Mike told his son that if he could make the Honor Roll all four quarters of his senior year, he would be able to take over the wheel of the sprint car. So, Mark buckled down and made the “A” Honor Roll two quarters and the “B” the other two, which put him in the seat.

He started in 1999 racing with NOSA, the Northern Outlaw Sprint Association, and traveled throughout his home state of North Dakota to Minnesota, Wisconsin and parts of Canada. Mark ended up winning the Hard Charger Award, Rookie of the Year Honors and also finished 2nd in the point’s standings that season racing the family owned team.

The next few years brought Mark numerous Track and Points Championships from NOSA and Grand Forks’ River Cities Speedway as well as many victories. At the later part 2006, the Dobmeier family owned sprint car program teamed up with local Sioux Falls, South Dakota, car owner Dave Lunstra. This soon became the alliance that topped them all.

Since teaming up with Lunstra Motorsports the team has had nothing but great results. The effort put forth has been second to none, compiling 70 A-main event wins, 3 points championships at Huset’s speedway, and top five in points at Knoxville raceway 3 of the last 4 years. “Having a season like 2011 is certainly amazing,” explains Mark. “I take it one race at a time, week to week, so it really wasn’t until the off season before I realized what our team had accomplished. I can’t say enough about our team. We all have a lot of fun and we make it fun and I think that’s the reason we had the season we did. If you can’t enjoy it, well what’s the point?”

Look for Mark in the upcoming seasons contending for the track championships at both Huset’s and Knoxville Raceway.

Meet the Crew!
  1. Dave Lunstra

    Dave Lunstra

    Dave Lunstra

    Since: 2006
    Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
    Favorite Track: Huset's Speedway - Sioux Falls, SD
    Bio: Team owner that is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Knows what it takes to win and provides the team with everything necessary to do so. Dave also handles the marketing and apparel sales for the team. He is also the official Knoxville truck driver.
  2. Scott Vogelsong

    Scott vogelsong: Lunstra/Dobmeier Motorsports

    Scott Vogelsong

    Crew Chief
    Since: 2014
    Favorite Track:
  3. Wyatt Thompson

    Wyatt Thompson: Lunstra/Dobmeier Motorsports

    Wyatt Thompson

    Tire Specialist
    Since: 1999
    Hometown: Grand Forks, ND
    Favorite Track: River Cities Speedway - Grand Forks, ND
    Bio: A good friend of Mark’s that started racing with the team 2001. He started with small jobs and now can handle about any task needed. He is a very dedicated crew member that can be found around the car most nights. He is also a tire perfectionist
  4. Lenny Reiter

    Lenny Reiter: Lunstra/Dobmeier Motorsports

    Lenny Reiter

    Truck Driver/Handy Man
    Favorite Track:
    Bio: Lenny runs Xtreme polishing and recently moved his family and business to Grand Forks in 2011. Lenny helps with several duties but his favorite is driving the truck. His one liners and sense of humor keeps everyone laughing.
  5. John Doese

    John Doese: Lunstra/Dobmeier Motorsports

    John Doese

    Gears & Fuel
    Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
    Favorite Track: Knoxville Raceway - Knoxville, IA
    Bio: "Doese" is in charge of gear changes and fuel. He is with every weekend and is also the team's official pit PR. "Doese" also tries to keep the car clean and looking as good as him.
  6. Aaron Kroetsch

    Aaron Kroetsch: Lunstra/Dobmeier Motorsports

    Aaron Kroetsch

    Vinyl Applications
    Hometown: Grand Forks, ND
    Favorite Track: Knoxville Raceway - Knoxville, IA
    Bio: Aaron is in charge of the vinyl applications and helps the team whenever and wherever possible throughout the year.